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Some gadgets that can help with a healthy lifestyle:

A useful gadget for tracking your food and exercise. Note it tracks salt and fat consumption butnot cholesterol


This gadget is

intended for

joggers, but is an

easy way to

measure and pace

both walking and

jogging outdoors

I do not have

control  over the

individual items in

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so they may all not

be appropriate for

LS/LF diets, but

some are.






Almost everyone cooks at home and home cooking becomes more important in the case of LS/LF diets since American restaurants seem addicted to salt and fat.  On this page we will focus on recipes available at other web sites but include a few modifications we have made of standard recipes.

Bread - "The Staff of Life"

The basic problem is that bread is one of the few products where salt actually serves a useful function other than flavor.  The North Dakota State University web site (wheat is a major crop in ND) has the following discussion of the issue:

"Can Salt In Yeast Bread Be Omitted?  This question is often asked because of the number of people interested in lowering their sodium intake. The answer is no if a traditional product is to result. A no-salt bread will be safe and edible but will have a less compact texture than those to which salt has been added. The salt in yeast bread helps control the action of the yeast. Yeast doughs without salt are sticky and hard to handle. Bread made without salt may need slightly less yeast and careful watching during the rising period, as they will tend to over-rise more easily. The flavor of no salt bread is very bland." (Other writers have used the word "insipid".)

Well, if you are addicted to salt then no salt bread does taste different, especially if you each it plain.  But with jam or gravy it tastes good. You can also add you favorite no salt herbs and spices to customize a recipe.

MegaHeart.com's bread machine recipe

King Arthur Flour's no salt Tuscan bread recipe

About.com's bread machine recipe

The Daily Dish has several bread recipes including a sourdough

Sauces make everything taste better!

Low Salt Sauces & Dressings    (Originally on website of Tasmania's Department of Health and Human Services - but no longer there.)

Other Recipe Sources

NIH's DASH Eating Plan

Mayo Clinic low-sodium recipes




Louisiana Light: Low-fat, Low-calorie, Low-cholesterol, Low-salt : Cajun and Creole Cookery (Part of book available online for free)

Mrs. Dash

The Daily Dish.com This is a low salt site that has a lot of recipes of interest to families with young children. Some recipes are not low fat, but generally these are easy to convert by using oil instead of butter and EggBeater-like products instead of eggs.

Cooks.com  (Does not give specific nutition information.)

Recipezaar is a general pupose recipe website that lets you search on special features, like low sodium and low cholesterol.  Results show nutrition information.  But many of the results show recipes inconsistent with what you searched for.  If they improve their search engine, this site could be very helpful.  Otherwise, check your results carefully.


NY Times Recipes for Health Not all these recipes are LS/LF, but most are.  Nutrition information is not given, but it should be clear that recipes with multiple eggs are bad and salt should be limited or eliminated.  But most recipes here are vegetable based and more interesting that many other sources. (Free registration required.)

Other Interesting LS/LF Recipes


LSLF Video Recipes  
Meringue recipe video from NY Times *
Super-Simple Sorbet from NY Times

Tortillitas  from NY Times

(Note recipe uses shrimp and salt. Omit salt and use fish as alternative as video suggests.)

Lucia's Walnut Cake (Washington Post) Eggs whites, walnuts and sugar only! *


* Note that if you want to use bottled eggs whites for these recipes,

the pasteurization process used in making them may impair their ability to be

beaten into meringue-like dishes.  Check the label of the package and if in doubt use eggs you separate.


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Do not make decisions concerning your medical situation based on information herein

Always consult your medical provider on health-related matters including diet.